I am Atef Ahmed, an Egyptian, the owner and founder of El Atef Company

 which is the best place in Hurghada to teach windsurf since 1995 and I have trained thousands of people of different nationalities around the world..

Ever since 1995, ELATEF WINDSURF SCHOOL has stood for quality, service at a high level,
and it is the best place in Hurgada with the best team when you are thinking to play Windsurf,

Our team is made up of highly trained trainers.

. We guarantee that you will spend the most beautiful vacation with us..

We have a rental program intended for everybody who already can windsurf, this program contains:

Fanatic boards and Duotone rigs with different sizes.

special program for children

We also have a special program for children that include ultra-light rigs and small boards designed for them!